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BackBambooStick Dog Ear Cleaning Cotton Buds S/M 30 Units

BambooStick Dog Ear Cleaning Cotton Buds S/M 30 Units
Product Code: BS-00013
Availability: In Stock
Price: $6.00
BambooStick dog ear cleaners are king size cotton buds specially designed for effective dog ear cleaning and ear care.
BambooStick have a unique design. The cotton head allows for quick, optimum cleaning of the dog’s ear canal without any chance of damage to the eardrum. They are 12 times more absorbent than a standard cotton bud and the soft cotton is designed to protect the delicate pinna and vertical canal.
Standard human cotton buds are not suitable for cleaning dog ears and might be harmful if used. Unlike standard cotton swabs, BambooStick takes into account the distinctive features of the dog's ear, allowing you to clean the ears without any danger of touching the ear drum. Thanks to the size of the cotton head it is quite impossible to pass the ear canal turn and to touch its deep stretch.

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