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BackBLACKDOG Grooming Combo Set

BLACKDOG Grooming Combo Set
BLACKDOG Grooming Combo Set BLACKDOG Grooming Combo Set BLACKDOG Grooming Combo Set BLACKDOG Grooming Combo Set BLACKDOG Grooming Combo Set
Product Code: BD-Set (GBS+GAL)
Availability: In Stock
Price: $62.70


  • BLACKDOG Grooming Adustable Loop x 1
  • BLACKDOG Grooming Body Sling x 1
  • Colur random pick: Black, Red, Purple


BLACKDOG Grooming Body Sling

  • New Style - Simplified design - full adjustment with a single sling.
  • To resolve the issue of a dog that keeps sitting while you are trying to clip, or dry at the back end.
  • This new style has fewer parts and is more adjustable.  
  • We've changed the webbing so it is easier to keep clean.and free from clinging dog hair.
  • The Grooming Sling attaches to a grooming arm on your table.
  • The sling is height adjustable with a quick release function for safety, as well as 2 smaller quick release adjustments to fit the sling to a dog and to adjust the sling from mini to large dogs - you can use the one sling for a huge variation of dog sizes.
  • The Sling is tapered, with a wide belly for the dog's comfort, it is made from smooth polyester webbing to prevent clogging with dog hair and so it is easy to clean.
  • Length Adjustable, Quick Release, fully adjustable single sling design.


BLACKDOG Grooming Adustable Loop

  • The adjustable loop can be used to hold a dog's head steady, or 2 can be used together - one on each front leg - to support and control the dog's front end.
  • The Grooming Loop can be adjusted to suit an individual dog's height without needing to adjust the Grooming Arm.
  • The colour range and webbing style complement the new Grooming Body Sling, for easily matching items in your work place.
  • The newly reworked product is made from polyester webbing for easy cleaning and to prevent dog hair clogging the material.
  • The Adjustable Grooming Loop clips to a Grooming Arm and has an integrated Side Release Buckle to easily connect and release the dog.

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