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Washing dogs requires a lot of water, shampoo, time and power. The Groom-X Super Power Bather Pump saves you effort and resources!

The best solution for faster and smarter washing

This ingenious washing system optimally mixes shampoo and water and produces a super powerful, penetrating jet. It is equipped with a handy spray head that, thanks to the pressure, allows you to distribute the mixture of shampoo and water effectively over the coat. No more scrubbing, just let the Super Power Bather do its job.

The Super Power Bather Pump is even more powerful than its predecessor, the Power Bather Pump. It is a fantastic pump system that helps you to thoroughly wash all animals, no matter how dirty. The Super Power Bather Pump consists of a circulation pump, a flexible hose and a spray nozzle featuring a pressure control valve with which the water pressure can be regulated. This makes the pump extremely suitable for washing smaller, younger and older animals as well as sensitive areas or body parts.

You must be wondering how on earth the dirty water circulating in the bath can clean a dog's coat? This extraordinary pump works on the same principle as, for example, a dishwasher and washing machine. The active ingredients (soap and other cleaning agents) in the shampoo hold the dirt and oils. Thanks to the powerful jet of the spray head and the active ingredients in the shampoo, these can be sprayed out of the coat and will not remain in the hair.

Find out what makes the Super Power Bather Pump so great below:

  • Faster/more efficient

    This pump is even more effective than washing with a mixing bottle or with a washing bowl and sponge. Washing can be done in one step instead of three or more! Moreover, you do not even have to wet the dog before starting with the pump, so you save a lot of time. For anyone for whom every minute is precious - think, for example, of groomers in a busy salon - this is a particularly handy tool. This pump allows you to work faster and saves you time and stress. Drying the coat will also take less time. Less dirt and product residue will remain in the hair, making it easier to dry the coat. In addition, the Super Power Bather Pump makes it easier to remove the loose undercoat.
  • More economical

    You need to use less product (shampoo) and water. The pump mixes the water and grooming products in an optimal way. When you wash a dog's coat without this bath pump, you use more shampoo, and you have to keep rinsing longer until all the product residue is gone from the coat. With the Super Power Bather Pump, you only use the amount of water that is in the bathtub. Not only do you massage the shampoo through the coat, but you also rinse most of it out at the same time. The amount of water used for rinsing is much smaller.
  • More ecological

    This washing system thinks not only of people and animals, but also of our planet. By washing with this economical pump, you use much less water and product, which is good for the environment!
  • No sudden temperature changes

    For this pump to work, you do not need a connection to a water supply. Because the water does not come directly from the tap, you can wash your dog with water that remains more or less constant in temperature.
  • More skin friendly

    Because the shampoo or conditioner is better and more diluted, there is less chance of the dog suffering from allergic reactions or irritations. You also rub much less on the coat, which means less irritation for the dog's hair and skin. The skin on your hands is also better protected. You do not have to put your hands in the shampoo and water as long.
  • Less damage to the hair

    When washing the coat with your hands or a sponge, you have to rub the hair intensively in order to remove the dirt and to wash the coat thoroughly. Rubbing increases the risk of hair tangles, hair damage and hair breakage. Washing with the Super Power Bather Pump is much better for the hair!
  • More ergonomic

    Because you need to massage less and use less force, you also save yourself a lot of energy. Your muscles and joints are strained less and washing becomes a more pleasant experience!

In short: the Groom-X Super Power Bather Pump is a must-have for anyone who wants to save time, money and energy!

It's all in the details

  • Powerful pump
  • Specially developed for efficient washing of dogs and cats
  • Saves you up to 75% shampoo, 75% water and 50% time compared to a hand wash!
  • The following is included in the delivery of the pump:
    - circulation pump with filter
    - flexible hose
    - nozzle with water pressure regulation system
    - button that acts as a remote control (non-electric) - can be mounted to the wall or placed on the ground (operating as a foot pedal)
  • Technical specifications:
    Capacity: Q min/max 0,9/6 m3/hour
    Power: 0,25 kW (0,34 HP)
    Voltage: 220-240 V (not suited for use in the United States)
    Frequency: ~ 50 Hz
    IP class: X8
  • Height of pump is 32cm; handle included
    Width at the bottom = 16cm
    Width at the top = 14cm
    Circumference = 57cm
  • Maintenance and cleaning instructions:
    Cleaning the bath pump is very simple. Some hairs may collect at the bottom of the pump. Always remove these after every wash. Turn off the pump and you will see that these hairs form a pile. After washing, first empty the bathtub, lift the pump, remove the hair and throw it away. To disinfect the pump, you can also occasionally fill the bath with water and a cup of vinegar. This cleansing mixture will circulate through the pump and help to easily remove any remaining dirt and shampoo residue. To prevent bacteria from spreading, the pump can also be placed in a bucket of disinfectant (e.g., Kingcide or Dettol). Turn the pump on, let it absorb the disinfectant and turn it off. This way, the machine and the hose can be disinfected properly.


Use instructions

When first starting up, there must already be water in the pump. To do this, detach the flexible hose and pour water into the pump or place the pump in a bucket of water (the pump must be submerged in at least 9 centimetres of water), switch the pump on and then quickly remove it from the bucket (so that it can suck up the water into the bathtub).

The pump system can be switched on and off using the supplied rubber foot switch that operates on air pressure. This push button can be placed on the floor or mounted on a wall. Press the button once and release to turn the pump on. Press it again and release to switch the pump off.

Place the pump in the bathtub. Put the plug in the drain of the tub. Fill the bathtub with a layer of water (3-5 cm high). Add a small amount of shampoo to the water (on average a small bottle cap but this also depends on the size of the dog, coat type and coat condition). (You can also use the Super Power Bather Pump in combination with conditioners. Fill the bathtub with a layer of water and add some conditioner to dilute it.)

Now press the foot switch to start pumping, holding the nozzle firmly.

Allow the water and shampoo to circulate in and through the pump system. Spray the coat at about 2 cm from the skin until it is completely clean (average of 5 minutes depending on the size of the dog and its coat condition).

After washing with the pump, it suffices to rinse the dog with clean water. Drain the dirty water and give the coat a quick and light rinse.

Is the dog very dirty? Then fill the bath a second time and repeat the pumping process with clean water and a new dose of shampoo.

Do not use this pump when you want to wash the coat with a medical shampoo or flea shampoo that cannot be diluted. You can of course wet the coat with the pump before washing and after washing to rinse the hair.


Shernbao Almighty Bathing Support ABS-007

  1. Shampoos and conditioners at a time, applicable to most of concentrated shampoos or conditioners.
  2. Quickly and easily select the shampoo or conditioner you want to use and adjust the dilution ratio of your choice.
  3. Variable stepless stage metering tips to set individual dilution rates - saves time and helps reduce product waste.
  4. Dilution ratio indicator assists - Only need set different shampoos and conditioners at once.
  5. A bathe and rinse easy to select.
  6. Non-electrical and operates off of existing water pressure. Minimizing the need for additional equipment.
  7. If the water pressure is not enough, we also provide a booster pump for the optional.
  8. Our easy rinse shampoos/conditioners work better.
  9. Penetrating combing action decrease the need for hand scrubbing.
  10. Constructed of durable stainless steel with complete accessories.
  11. Easy to set up - You can do it yourself!
  12. Convenient and safe.
  13. Pre-dilute products - simply insert the included plastic tubes into your shampoo or conditioner.
  14. Net product weight is 3.6kg.
Brand Groom-X
Shipping Weight 7.0000kg
Shipping Width 0.390m
Shipping Height 0.200m
Shipping Length 0.240m
Shipping Cubic 0.018720000m3
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