Aeolus TD941 Nova Brushless Motor Dryer 2200W


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Brushless Motor

  • The digital brushless motor, specially designed for pet grooming and blow-drying environment, greatly improves the efficiency of the motor and extends the working life, while ensuring the health of the groomer.
  • Existing on the market, most of the dryer adopts used in the vacuum cleaner brush motor, its characteristic is high vacuum, suction. But because of not specifically for "blowing out for wind", this kind of motor is insufficient on considering of the "blowing", there have wind resistance, low mechanical efficiency, short service life and so on shortcomings.
  • The brushless motor used in this machine is specially developed for the function of "blowing", with the advantages of large air volume, fast wind speed, high mechanical efficiency, long life and so on. 
  • Among them, long life is the most prominent feature -- the life of this brushless motor can reach more than 8 times the life of similar brushless motor, and at the same time, it has safety attributes such as blocking rotation protection. Efficiency is also significantly improved. The rated power of the motor is 1600W, but the output air volume and pressure are better than the performance of a 2200W brush motor of the same size.
  • Brushmotor will continue to spray out the carbon powder particles produced by the wear of the carbon brush during the operation. These particles are very small and hard to see by the eye. They will remain on the pet hair and skin during the drying process. It can even enter the groomer's respiratory tract and eye through the labor protection mask. For a long time, the toner particles may accumulate in the groomer's upper respiratory tract and lungs, causing labor injuries. This digital brushless motor is a perfect solution for this problem, because there is no contact and loss of wear parts in the work, no toner particles are produced touch and no wear, and naturally there is no problem of respiratory inhalation.

Zero Leakage Housing

  • The specially designed integrated injection molding shell is not only light and beautiful, but also can ensure zero wind leakage in the high pressure warehouse.
  • The zero leakage shell also reduces the noise of the dryer, and the noise of the whole machine is controlled to less than 80 decibels during working, which greatly improves the working environment of the groomer.

 Controllable Heating & Wind Speed

  • The wind speed adjustment and temperature adjustment of the CVT can realize the combination of high temperature and low speed, low temperature and high speed, etc. In particular, the high temperature and low speed are very important for the styling pretreatment of curly coated dogs such as Poodle and Bichon, which are essential functions for straightening hair and preparing for the trimming.
  • The fan adopts the "soft start" mode to avoid the impact and prolong the service life;
  • There is also a built-in overheating protection switch on the heater element -- providing the above broad functionality while also ensuring safety.

Special Designed Nozzles

  • Based on Bernoulli effect, combined with the latest fluid mechanics technology, innovative research and development of ultra-low temperature nozzle.
  •  Most similar products on the market are at risk of overheating for nozzle -- high temperatures and high speeds of wind quickly heat the nozzle surface to more than 50-60 degrees Celsius, making it impossible for pet groomers to hold them safely.
  • The new ultra-low temperature nozzle has a special double-layer suction structure: when the wind speed in the inner duct is higher and the air volume is greater, the outer duct can accelerate the suction, the cooling effect is proportional to the inner wind flow, so as to ensure that the surface of the nozzle is cooled by air without significant temperature rise.
  • Example of measured data: When the ambient temperature is 20℃, after about 5 minutes of continuous blowing, the internal temperature of the blowing nozzle rises to 65℃, while the surface temperature of the blowing nozzle is always within 30℃, which ensures a safe and comfortable holding experience.

Standard Two Nozzles

  • Easy to intall, securely stay on the hose
  • Narrow Nozzle - The outlet of the flat tip is shaped like a crescent, which concentrates the wind from both sides to the middle, avoiding unnecessary air waste, and is very suitable for quick blow-dry of long and slender parts such as legs and tail.
  • Rouble Nozzle - Special tilt treatment is made at the outlet of the round nozzles, which not only meets the requirements of normal blowing, but also it can drying of the abdomen and other parts that are not easy to be directly touched, so as to accelerate the drying speed.

 Excellent Insulating Hose & Sleeve

  • After lot of experiments and the results showed when the hose surface shows temperature at over 64℃s, the nozzle only measures 29.8℃. The heat insulation sheath works very well too, when inside is 65℃, the outside is only at 38℃, providing safe operation on groomers' arms.

Easy To Clean

  • The rear cover is easy to remove, the built-in double filter sponge, not only can reduce the air inlet noise, but also can fully filter the impurities and dust inhaled, prolong the life of the machine.


SKU T-TD941Nova
Brand Aeolus
Shipping Weight 6.0000kg
Shipping Width 0.320m
Shipping Height 0.260m
Shipping Length 0.470m
Shipping Cubic 0.039104000m3
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